Friday, April 6, 2012


A recent visit to a friend's beach house for a mental get-away was all it took to get me thinking about "change",  "new start",  "fresh", "move ahead", and the need to put old things behind. Her gardening "stuff" and all the clipping we did on winter leftovers and moving out "old" plants that she no longer wanted gave me some much needed perspective.

Nothing says individuality like seashells...every single one, different, unique-it's own ridges, smooth areas, rough us....but each created specifically by the Master of creators...I probably have picked-up a zillion of them over the years at the beach, but continue to do so and save every one of them. I loved the looks of this little pile of shells she had dumped on her gardening table....too pretty not to photograph.

Everything in life - plants, flowers, grass, humans, relationships - must be watered, fertilized, cultivated to maintain health and beauty...I see that everytime I walk out into my yard right now...yikes!

The beauty of a fresh young bloom that has been given care


How beautiful are these air plants to add spice to the beautiful back garden?  We all need a little zip in our lives!

I suppose I will exit this earth with a pair of lawn clippers in my hands....but, when clipping, it is a reminder of things that maybe should be "pruned" in our lives....attitudes, beliefs....what regenerates should be better than what was clipped away...the issue is the clipping can be quite painful at times, agree?   

Just because - love the colors and textures~

An agapanthus that will soon have loads of gorgeous purple-blue blooms - if "the owner" keeps it watered, fertilized, yellowed leaves removed .... just like us, remove the unhealthy and do what we can to stay in-shape...mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally --- makes for a better "us!"


  1. Yes, the pruning can be painful but oh-so-necessary. I'm glad that you're experiencing the exhiliration of that beautiful new growth.

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog--trying to "join" yours, but for some reason is not allowing me to...yes, all stages of growth-all on this journey together!