Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I vacillate between thinking the mountains and the beach is my favorite place....this time of year, no doubt I am a beach-girl!

A sure sign that warm weather has arrived-bike racks begin to fill-up bike is never far from my feet...great excercise and stress-reliever, not to mention a great way to travel especially in my area of town!

Anyone that knows me is aware hydrangeas are my favorite flower. I commend this beach homeowner....I could not have accented this entryway better. I adore the simplicity and the bright pink hydrangeas just say, "summer, beach, come in and stay awhile!"

Relaxation at its best...some true contemplation can be done here-don't you agree?

I love the "blues" of the ocean.  I love the angle I caught on this wooden railing near the ocean...such a fan of the peaceful blue hue against the white sand, mossy gray "stuff", and the blue sky.

Stunning seashell wreath

Only at the beach would these paint-peeling windowsills look least to me-

Give me an 800 sq ft beach cottage any day over anything away from the water. I could do some serious damage monetarily in decorating such a small place....then again, I could probably spend nothing by utilizing all the "thrown-away" treasures I am constantly hauling home and it!


My favorite color palette for the summer.

Adirondacks-love them and have four myself all in different colors....true beach chairs~

Home Goods is my favorite store of all times - I cherish this fantastic print beach towel I bought there last summer...if it is not on the sand, it is in the back of my car waiting to be on the sand!

Would it be the beach without the ice-cream of all ages adore this "yummy-on-wheels!"

o.k. - those of us that live in the area know Mayport has the best seafood in the world....fried shrimp, when, where, here I come!

This little residence is actually named "The Beach Cottage." 

Does not get much more nautical than this...down on Beach Avenue.

Only at the beach would these colors work!

Absolutely love this mail box - came across it while biking in Atlantic Beach....I would love to pull mail from it every day!  

You know it's beach-time when practically every car in front of you is from Georgia!


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