Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My favorite posting that I will revisit----DOORS.  I love them and feel they have a special significance because:  each is uniquely individual;  each says something about the person(s) behind; if the right design, color, embellishment - a door can cause gazes from everyone; like our smiles/our hearts, a door can invite someone in or turn someone away.  What does your door do/say?

                                                                by Tricia McGill

Life is a series of pathways and doorways.
The doorway to life is always open; with welcoming arms she calls you in.
Some doors are large and some are small, but no matter the size they have one thing in common.
To let you in to a room or a garden, a new slant on life that's sure to be different.
A door to a church where we go to pray, a door to a heart where we long to stay.
Red doors or brown doors, tin ones or wooden, some with bars and padlocks to form a prison.
I remember a door in a small town in Cornwall with a porch made of wood, surrounded by creepers,
so quaint, so welcoming, so olde world charming.
A door to a cottage built long long ago.
Doorways to pubs and doorways to schools;
No matter our age, our gender or colour, we all go through doors on our way to our goals.
We have to enter new doors each fresh day to take us forever onwards;
To open new chapters in life's endless search for avenues of learning.

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