Friday, April 27, 2012


All the birds have flown up and gone;
A lonely cloud floats leisurely by.
We never tire of looking at each other -
Only the mountain and I.

Mountains, many times my dilemma....regardless of which location I'm in, each provides its own treasures and serenity. For now, it's the mountains.

Pure serenity -  waking at 3 a.m. to the sound of rain gently tinkling onto the leaves of the trees; a brisk breeze whipping through the outswung windows left open to my room....the glorious mountains looking in on me as I look out on them.

Driving slowly and deliberately up and down narrow winding mountain roads - thinking, contemplating...just the flow of the road brings a calmness in my body.

Stopping, lingering at a beautiful little mountain church....who comes inside throughout the week to sing, pray, commune with others; who are the people spilling their tears, sharing their heartaches and joys here - who are the people joining their lives here, who are the ones being laid to their final rest here?

A waterfall cascading down the side of a mountain...water tumbling in disarray, disorder, but still majestic and the sound....well, pure tranquility.

Trudging up at least two mountain roads twice a day - the grade so steep my chest parallel to the pavement; the push on already tired muscles, the snap of a quick breath on the
way up and the relief of easy breathing on the way down...the beauty of nature regardless of the direction I'm headed...back at the cabin, collapse into the hammock to drink in the cool air, too tired to remove the shoes...sleep was sweet in that hammock.  Thanks Lauren for the photo~
          A community store or a quaint diner ... reminds me there are great people everywhere!

The joy of time spent with family-just playing!

The excitement of reconnecting with dear friends from years past!

Blessings of wonderful, delicious, healthy food along the way

So much beauty in such simplicity

Friends I met along with way-so kind to let me photograph

I never meet a stranger-before I can even get out of my car...he knows I love him already! 

I am so thankful for my eyes-to be able to see the beauty of creation 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My favorite posting that I will revisit----DOORS.  I love them and feel they have a special significance because:  each is uniquely individual;  each says something about the person(s) behind; if the right design, color, embellishment - a door can cause gazes from everyone; like our smiles/our hearts, a door can invite someone in or turn someone away.  What does your door do/say?

                                                                by Tricia McGill

Life is a series of pathways and doorways.
The doorway to life is always open; with welcoming arms she calls you in.
Some doors are large and some are small, but no matter the size they have one thing in common.
To let you in to a room or a garden, a new slant on life that's sure to be different.
A door to a church where we go to pray, a door to a heart where we long to stay.
Red doors or brown doors, tin ones or wooden, some with bars and padlocks to form a prison.
I remember a door in a small town in Cornwall with a porch made of wood, surrounded by creepers,
so quaint, so welcoming, so olde world charming.
A door to a cottage built long long ago.
Doorways to pubs and doorways to schools;
No matter our age, our gender or colour, we all go through doors on our way to our goals.
We have to enter new doors each fresh day to take us forever onwards;
To open new chapters in life's endless search for avenues of learning.


I vacillate between thinking the mountains and the beach is my favorite place....this time of year, no doubt I am a beach-girl!

A sure sign that warm weather has arrived-bike racks begin to fill-up bike is never far from my feet...great excercise and stress-reliever, not to mention a great way to travel especially in my area of town!

Anyone that knows me is aware hydrangeas are my favorite flower. I commend this beach homeowner....I could not have accented this entryway better. I adore the simplicity and the bright pink hydrangeas just say, "summer, beach, come in and stay awhile!"

Relaxation at its best...some true contemplation can be done here-don't you agree?

I love the "blues" of the ocean.  I love the angle I caught on this wooden railing near the ocean...such a fan of the peaceful blue hue against the white sand, mossy gray "stuff", and the blue sky.

Stunning seashell wreath

Only at the beach would these paint-peeling windowsills look least to me-

Give me an 800 sq ft beach cottage any day over anything away from the water. I could do some serious damage monetarily in decorating such a small place....then again, I could probably spend nothing by utilizing all the "thrown-away" treasures I am constantly hauling home and it!


My favorite color palette for the summer.

Adirondacks-love them and have four myself all in different colors....true beach chairs~

Home Goods is my favorite store of all times - I cherish this fantastic print beach towel I bought there last summer...if it is not on the sand, it is in the back of my car waiting to be on the sand!

Would it be the beach without the ice-cream of all ages adore this "yummy-on-wheels!"

o.k. - those of us that live in the area know Mayport has the best seafood in the world....fried shrimp, when, where, here I come!

This little residence is actually named "The Beach Cottage." 

Does not get much more nautical than this...down on Beach Avenue.

Only at the beach would these colors work!

Absolutely love this mail box - came across it while biking in Atlantic Beach....I would love to pull mail from it every day!  

You know it's beach-time when practically every car in front of you is from Georgia!